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High-quality Roto hardwares that are designed and engineered in Germany. They are smoothly operated, while robust in quality.

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Premium hardware from Roto, designed to bear heavy window sashes while easily operated. 



A high-quality Roto product always means the fulfilment of a promise of quality made to our customers. The best proof of this is a 10-year warranty on many of our window and door handles (if the relevant maintenance guidelines are adhered to; please refer to the chapter: “Product liability guidelines” on pages 9–10).
This Roto window and door handles are tested for their long-term proper operation in a large number of tests. Long-term functional tests and static loading tests which realistically simulate the demanding “everyday life” of window and door handles are carried out depending on the requirements and thereby, in some cases, exceed the tests and demands of RAL-GZ 607/9.
In the cycles of the long-term functional tests according to RAL-GZ 607/9, the handles are tested separately. The operation of door and window handles is tested (in accordance with the appropriate operation cycle quantity) under realistic conditions while fixed to product test specimens (door and/ or window element). This means that apart from the actual operational function, also the durable connection between the handle and the product test specimen is tested.
With the 10-year functional warranty, Roto surpasses the obligatory 2-year warranty enforced in the
“BGB” (BGB = German Civil Code) and the 4-year warranty period stated in “VOB” for project business (VOB = German construction contract procedures).


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