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Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass provides excellent performance in situations where temperature separation is desired. Low-E is used to help meet energy efficiency requirements by blocking UV light and providing heat insulation. This is done with a special thin-film metallic or oxide coating which prevents the passage of short-wave solar energy and also prevents long-wave energy produced by heating systems and lighting from escaping.
We offer FOUR glazing options: clear, one Low-E coated, two Low-E coated and three Low-E coated tempered glass.


Insulating glass units are fabricated according to project specifications. IG units can be constructed using a large variety of glass products to achieve desired aesthetics, meet design criteria, safety codes and/or improve solar control and thermal performance. Glass options include clear, low iron, Low-E’s, standard or high performance (spectrally selective) tints, reflective, silk-screened, spandrel, laminated, decorative and wired glass. The glass tiles of an IG unit can be annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered or laminated.



Our specialty glass products can add privacy and intimacy to your home. The available colours and patterns will bring a whole new dimension to windows and doors. See some of our models here, and contact a representative to find out the other types available.


Technoform delivers condensation resistance, U-factors and superior aesthetics in white, gray, bronze and black finishes. With a straight sightline and a smooth matte finish, it blends in naturally with your window.


Tempered glass is mainly used as safety glass. Should a major shock occur causing breakage, the glass fragments into small pieces instead of larger shards, reducing the risk of injury. Tempered glass is heated until it softens and then rapidly air-cooled, giving a compression layer five times stronger than ordinary glass.

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